2006 Rally Review

First posted Sept 17, 2009
Last update Sep 17, 2009

Ameri-Camp Family of Owners

1st Annual Ameri-Camp RV Rally
12-16 July 2006
Stone Mountain, GA

What a wonderful experience it was to be a part of the 1st Annual Ameri-Camp RV Rally at Stone Mountain, GA. The Rally started with the usual "signing in" ritual that goes along with any group event. There to greet us was Dave Raphael, Director of Marketing from Ameri-Camp with a huge smile, handshake and a very nice insulated carry bag full of Ameri-Camp promotional items and our Rally T-shirts. What a sight it was to see all the various Ameri-Camp RV's pull into the Camp Ground. We enjoyed the rest of the evening skipping from RV to RV meeting other owners and comparing notes on our units. The excitement of everyone's arrival was amazing, and for our 1st RV Rally and our 2nd trip ever to Georgia, we didn't meet a stranger.

The next morning coffee & donuts were available at the Camp Ground Pavilion, however the Ameri-Camp meeting officially began at 9:30 with greetings from Dave Raphael and Ed Salomon from Ameri-Camp, and Anne Prianti our Rally Organizer. Additionally, Ed Bagley from Sawnee Mountain RV, with Technicians from Suncoast RV and Ameri-Camp, invited Owners to sign up for review of any problems with their RV. We had signed up for them to look at one of our living room slides as it had been acting a little odd, but was working. Low & behold when when the Technicians later entered our RV to look at the slide, they hit the button and the slide didn't budge. Would you believe these technicians had a new slide motor overnighted directly to the camp site and replaced within the next two days. This was on top of all the other repairs and assistance that they gave to everyone at the Rally, midst the heat of Georgia in July. If this wasn't enough, a family with 4 small children in a Jayco RV happened to pull into the campground next to our rally with a broken air conditioner. The technicians at Sawnee RV somehow became aware of this and had their air conditioner fixed within a couple of hours of their arrival, and only charged them around $40.00 for parts !! In the meantime, one of our Ameri-Camp Owners who did not know this family, entertained the 4 children with lunch and a DVD movie while the family was waiting on repairs.

Thursday evening was a wonderful BBQ chicken dinner hosted by Sawnee Mountain RV. Friday morning, Todd Bagley, Sandi Martin & the Technicians from Sawnee Mountain RV also hosted a session on "Tech Talk", which was extremely informative. For instance, we thought we were having trouble with our sensors on the gray & black water tanks not working. Come to find out there is a product made for "cleaning" these sensors that you simply pour into your tanks !! Huh, we've only been doing this RV thing for around 15 years, who knew ? We received great tips on roof maintenance, tank & window seals, winterizing, among several other things. We also learned that Ameri-Camp is the ONLY manufacturer that designs their slideouts to withstand a weight up to 600 pounds on the top of the slide. No more excuses for not cleaning the top of the slides !!

Friday evenings dinner was wonderful with hot dogs, burgers and chicken, hosted by Suncoast RV. Everyone wore their Rally T-Shirts and gathered together for a group photograph in the middle of the camp ground. Later that evening we all drove over to the Stone Mountain Park Laser Show where we had chairs and reserved seating waiting for us. The Laser Show was great, included various music, and ended with a grand display of fireworks.

Saturday Morning, Stone Mountain Park had reserved the first 3 Ducks for the Ameri-Camp Rally Attendees. What fun, the Ducks are 1945 era Army DUKW's converted into an open-air vehicle that moves from land to water. The ride was great, the driver was hilarious, and the view of the mountain from the lake was breath taking. Saturday's evening meal was hosted by Ameri-Camp, to include steak, baked potato, corn on the cob, with all the fixin's. What a meal !! After the dinner, awards were presented for the oldest RV, the newest RV, the family that had traveled the farthest, best modifications and most patriotic. All winners received a gift certificate to Camping World.

Sunday morning was full of sad goodbye's and the end of our Rally. We were looking at a two day drive home, however it really didn't seem that long as we spent most of the time discussing all the things we had learned and future plans for all the new modifications we now want to make to our RV as a result of the many ideas we had picked up from other Owners graciously sharing their thoughts and ideas.

We can honestly say that this years Rally was a great success and we are looking forward to next years Rally in Branson. We have met some wonderful people and found that the overall support from Ameri-Camp and the local Ameri-Camp Dealers, Sawnee Mountain RV, www.sawneerv.com, and Suncoast RV, http://www.suncoastrv.com/ in Georgia, truly shows a commitment to excellence and customer service. We have always been satisfied with the service that we have received from Ameri-Camp and their representatives, but as a result of this Rally, we have NO DOUBT that we chose the right RV by selecting an Ameri-Camp, to include the other wonderful people that we have met that made that same choice.