Ameri-Camp Brochures First posted Apr 14, 2010
Last update Oct 25, 2016

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A note from the webmaster about manuals:

Most of the manuals that came with these trailers were pretty much useless when dealing with a spcific rig. All they did was cover the generic basics of how to go camping and tow a vehicle. They told you nothing specific about any given model of trailer, except a few gave the holding tank capacities which were not neccessary reliable. What manuals we got for specific equipment and appliances in our rig weren't even for the models that came on the trailer.

We sold our Ameri-Camp trailer in 2016 and now have a new trailer. We are having the same problems with our new trailer. Most of the manuals are full of wrong information or cover older equipment. The few that were actually for the equipment that is in our new trailer are so badly written they were useless.

We were able to find most appliance and electronics manuals by searching the Internet for specific models. We were also able to find some corrected manuals for some equipment on the manufactures websites.


Main brochure (2.1 megs)     PDF (2.2 megs)
SRX spec supplement (330k)     PDF (354 k)


Main brochure (2.0 megs)     PDF (2.2 megs)
Summit Ridge (2.2 megs)     PDF (2.2 megs)


Summit Ridge (1.6 megs)     PDF (1.6 megs)


Summit Ridge (1.5 megs)     PDF (1.6 megs)
Reserve (850 k)     PDF (1.2 megs)
Trail Boss (262 k)     PDF (280 k)
Trail Cross (279 k)     PDF (302 k)
Wrangler (302 k)     PDF (302 k)